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Photography FAQs

Q: What to expect?

A: We will meet at the designated time and location of our choice. You can come expecting a stress-free and fun photo session… without the stuffy or posed feeling of traditional photos.  You will get to have input in the photos you want and I will had in looks as well. After the session- you can expect to hear from me in about 2 weeks regarding your photos. I will also post sneak peaks of some of your photos on facebook and the website.

Q: What should I wear?

A: For family or group sessions, I would recommend staying away from the same color of shirts and pants.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate a couple of colors or patterns.  When in doubt, just ask me! Outfits that are a little more dressy tend to look better in photos.  Stay away from jeans with holes and shirts with logos.  For most sessions- feel free to bring extra outfits so that I can help you decide.


Q: Do you have a studio?

A: I do have a small studio at my home for headshots and family photos if you desire. However for most shoots I suggest on-location and not in studio. If you don’t have a location in mind that you would like to have the photos taken at, please just leave it to me and I can pick a spot that will fit the exact look that you are going for.


Q: Do you retouch photos?

A: Yes! I want all of my clients to feel the best about themselves in Rachel Bobbitt photos.  Since I also have a background in photo editing and design, I am able to make you look your absolute best and shine like the star that you are.


Q: Can I change outfits?

A: Yes.  Most people change in their car or at a coffee shop or gas station during our sessions.  We can take some time to go through all of your outfits, pairing them with the locations and all people who are going to be in your portraits.


Q: What is included in the session fee?

A: With the session fee you get the photoshoot, the photo editing and a minimum of 50 digital images. (Headshots have a different quantity) I do not provide printing within this pricing. If you would like prints please let me know and I can provide that pricing for you.


Q: Can my pet be part of my photo session?

A: Yes, please just notify me ahead of time so that we pick a location that will be pet-friendly.


Q: What is the best age to have newborn portraits done?

A: Preferably before 2 weeks.


Q: What if my child isn’t in the best mood for photos, the day of the shoot?

A: I do my best to make each and every photoshoot stress free for the families. I like action shots of kiddos best. This works great for active kiddos that don’t like to stop and pose for pictures as well.


Q: When is the best time to have a maternity session?

A: Maternity sessions are typically scheduled between 32-34 weeks to prevent from either being too uncomfortable to “pose” in a flattering manner or from cutting it too close to baby’s birth. This can also be adjusted those for weather if you are pregnant during a hot Texas Summer.


Q: What about the weather?

A: Texas weather can be a little hard to predict sometimes. Cloudy days are great and perfect for photos actually. However we can reschedule on rainy days.

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